FP PXT - X19 [-9]

Size Guide

2 1/4" POWER BALANCED. NEW MASS FX™ Loaded Sweet Spot Technology places a greater amount of mass directly behind the sweet spot – creating more momentum and effortless power on contact. FEATURES VCX™ Technology that allows for independent movement between the barrel and the handle that controls vibration and provides unmatched feel on contact. VCX™ technology creates a feel unique to each sport and player type. NEW LS PRO® COMFORT GRIP™ For the perfect mix of tack and cushion. PWR STAX™ Barrel technology evenly distributes the load on impact across the entire barrel for ultimate results. This multi-layered construction is designed to amplify player created energy into powerful Performance. POWER BALANCED SWING WEIGHT That is perfect for elite hitters that want the ultimate combination of control and Maximum pop. 7/8" standard fastpitch handle diameter. 100% Composite Design

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